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Family First Global

Through our global network, Fellowship of Fathers Foundation supports Family First Global to operate in 10 Asian nations serving over 2.5 million families through trusted and committed local partnership. Each of the Family First country partners understands the unique needs of their communities, and works to customize our signature programs and resources to impact the lives of all individuals.

Family First Global

Family First Global exists to strengthen marriages and families regardless of ethnicity, socio-economic background or religious heritage, so that every family can be happier, stronger and more united.

United States of America

H.O.M.E Project

Help Our Military – Every Family

In 2013, the Fellowship of Fathers Foundation (FoFF) in partnership with the National Fatherhood Initiative (NFI) launched the “Help Our Military – Every Family” (H.O.M.E.) initiative to strengthen the relationships between active-duty US military fathers and their families.

An initiative inspired by the late Senator John McCain, the H.O.M.E. (Help Our Military – Every Family) Program has partnered with US Military Chaplains in the Air Force, Navy, Army and Marines to serve over 22,000 US Military Fathers and their families.

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Program Partner

We work with government agencies, non-profit and for profit organizations to support all those that desire to achieve a healthy and vibrant family life through effective and active parenting.

Organisation Partner

All our local and global partners are passionate about building strong families. Your helping hand might be exactly what is needed to make a difference in your community! Connect with us to find out how we can join forces to strengthen our communities.

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The Fellowship of Fathers Foundation exists to help any and every dad who wants to be the very best father he can be. We are a US 501(c)3 organization, please consider joining us in this most important work with a tax deductible gift to:

Fellowship of Fathers Foundation
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100% Impact Giving

We ensure that every donation given to any one of our Family First nation goes directly to helping families through proven, high-impact service programs. 

We are honored to accept wire transfers, appreciated stock and even used cars/boats as contributions. Please contact hello@foffoundation.org for more information.

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We serve some of the largest government, corporate and non-profit organizations in Asia to help their member families achieve success on the family front and work front.

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