The FoFF Board of Directors

Prof. Gregory slayton

Founder & Chairman

Pastor Joe Cortale

Board Member

Ms. Ingrid Hill

Board Member

Dr. Jeffrey Reynolds

Board Member

Mr. Clifton Coufal, JD

Board Member

Mr. Roger Pilc

Board Member

Ms. Nelly Sutjiadi

Board Member

Mr. Kevin Bryant

Board Member

Mr. Robert Sullivan

Chairman of Board of Advisors

Fellowship of father foundation

Board of Advisors

Chairman / Mr. Robert Sullivan

Mr. Arthur Armstrong / Mr. Hans Helmerich / Mr. Ken & Mrs. Shirley Churchill / Mr. Justin Ren / Mr. Marc Belton / Ms. Margie Franks / Mr. Mark Ma / Mr. Price Roe / Mr. Sanjay Poonen / Mr. Tony Cheong

Transparency Certificate

Excellence in Giving recognizes Transparency when charities share more data about governance, finances, strategy, and impact than the IRS requires. Click here for more.

We are members, in good standing, of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. Click here for more.